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The bathroom and kitchen are two important spaces in a home. You spend lots of time in there and you deserve to have the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. But remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is not an easy task. It needs a team of highly specialized professionals who understand how important those spaces are to you.

While a kitchen is a space where a lot of activity goes on, your bathroom should be serene; a place you can retreat into from the world and unwind after a busy day at work. At Heightex Construction, we understand what it takes to create a kitchen and bathroom that is stunning, and meets your needs.

Whether you need cozy and traditional, or something more modern and minimalistic, our remodeling team knows how to get your space just right. And, if you need a transitional style for your kitchen or bathroom, we are the right people to call. So, call us now and get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

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